Saturday, February 27, 2010

First Post

I decided to start this blog to chronicle my journey towards living math.  I'm excited about it!  I am a complete novice when it comes to living math, and I am definately not a math whiz.  I hope to share the steps that I take to make living math part of our daily lives.  I will be sure to share both the successes and the failures and also any interesting resources that I find.

I have always felt very strongly that living math using tons of hands-on fun stuff is the way to go.  That's why I purchased RightStart Math A when my children turned 4 and 5.  Unfortunately, it isn't something that my kids LOVE to do.  I have to convince them to do RS.  They like it when we are doing RS, but I often see their eyes glaze over and see that they really aren't enjoying it as much as I had hoped.  I may still use RS, but just do at most 2 lessons per week.

We also have Singapore Math Earlybird A and B.    My daughter absolutely loves Singapore.  She's a workbook kind of girl.  So, most likely I will use the Singapore along with some elements from RS, Family Math and all of the fun games and resources that I can find on the internet.

I hope to make a weekly post listing all of the links, resources, books, and fun games we used that week.  Well, that's the plan at least.  Later, I will come back with more details fo what I have done so far.  Come join me on the journey!!!

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