Saturday, March 27, 2010

We veered off course this week and did some activities involving meaurements. This week was an unusual week, because we had a conference we attended starting on Thursday.  That really threw us off, but we were still able to get a  lot done.

We read Millions to Measure and How Long or How Wide. We used a yard stick and a tape measure to measure our favorite stuffed animals and compare their sizes.  Later in the week when my nephew was over I had each child pick something from the house that they wanted to measure and we used linking cubes to measure each item.  Then, of course, they spent lots of time just building with the linking cubes.  

We had fun with a book called Gobble Up Math.  1 of the exercises included measuing popcorn before and after it was popped.

We also measured things around our house.  At this point, I'm not trying to get the kids to remember all of the right terminology.  I'm just introducing them to measuring in general.

This weekend we are having fun with Pattern Play.  What a fun way to engage our children's minds!

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