Friday, April 2, 2010

Weekly Review 3/29-4/2/10

This week we read 2 great math books:  My Even Day (which I own and really love) and Missing Mittens which is a book in the Math Start series.  I really love the Math Start series.  In fact, I'm comptemplating just purchasing as many of the Math Start books as I can find for my youngest when she's ready for math.  I love the fact that practical activities that correspond with each topic are already planned out for you in the back of the book.  That takes lots of pressure off of me.

We also did some aking this week and we discussed fractions in basic terms.  The kids now know that the number on the bottom of each measuring cup (that we have) is how many of those it takes to make 1 cup.  I feel like this will help prepare them for fractions later on.

This weekend we will be doing another activity out of our Family Math for Young Children book.  The kids enjoyed playing the HiHo Cherry-O game. 


  1. Thanks for the book recommendations. Fun math is always a great idea.

  2. Just found your blog. It's awesome. Just had to comment that my 2 children have learned more than I could possibly imagine from reading those mathstart books. They really are awesome. Our favorite right now is a book called 100 ways to 100 from Scholastic. It really opens up a lot for them when they learn math through literature.