Saturday, April 10, 2010

Weekly Review 4/5-4/10/10

We began our week this week with playing with our new cuisenaire rods.  Yea!  I love them, and our children quickly became engrossed with the rods and spent a good 45 mins. exploring with them.  According to Miquon, playing and exploring the rods is the first step to using them.  So, we are defiantely on the road to learning with rods.

My children have not been very interested in doing any sort of school...even fun games.  Weird, huh?  It's as if any time I have an end goal of education in mind my children can sense it and are hesitant. 

I decided not to organize any activities this week, but to simply incorporate math in our reading and strew some education mathmatical things that the kids can pick up and do on their own such as the rods.

Other things that were strewed this week include tanagrams, pattern blocks, and cups with a jar of buttons for the kids to play with.  There are so many things that the kids can come up to do with the buttons and cups.  Lots of ways to categorize them, pattern with them, count them, etc.

On the LivingMath Yahoo! group today someone shared this really cool link to making your own math manipulatives.  Go check it out!

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